Sunday, April 4, 2010

CCF Repair Genral Information

Surfboard Repair, Glassing, and Custom Shane Stoneman Surfboards!

We are available for any type of surfboard repair-- Epoxy included!

Drop off boards at CCS, Moondoggies, or Call Davis @ 805-215-3983

Repairs are based on a general estimate of materials used and time spent on each board. Some repairs are unique, so it is hard to give the exact price of the repair without seeing the actual board, but here are some general prices :

Dings- Minimum Repair is $30 and covers repair up to 2 inches in diameter. For larger repairs, or ones that require shaping of rails, tails, or nose, the price goes up.

-Buckles start at $60

Fins- Future, Fcs and other fin systems are $40 to replace the whole box.
- One Fcs plug is $30
-Glass on fin replacement is $60

*Color is also available for an additional price.

All repairs replace the original structure of the board with foam and 2 layers of fiberglass on each repair as necessary.

At Central Coast Fiberglass we compete with the highest quality surfboards in the industry and every repair is done with the goal of excellence.

You should be satisfied knowing that your board is in the hands of the pro's, not just the bro's!

Give us a call- 805-215-3983

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